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Spectrum: A Learning Marketplace is a collection of educational products and services carefully selected by Florida Virtual School for their quality and proven results.

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Pass the test and make the grade.

Ace your Algebra I End-of-Course Assessment with PREPWORKS’ award-winning EOC prep program.

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Ace Math and Science Courses with FEV Tutor.

From middle school math to college-level science, our tutors will help keep you on track!

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Students + Families

With offerings ranging from online games to on-demand tutoring, you’re sure to find the right solution for your child.

Adult Learning

From professional development to earning your GED, Spectrum is your trusted source for adult education and enrichment.

Educators + Districts:

Find high-quality online games, test prep and math enrichment options for your school or district.

The Future Of Learning Looks Bright.

Here at Spectrum, we are dedicated to offering students, families, and teachers innovative educational products, like these
learning games designed for middle and high school students.

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